about us Nitro-Baja-Tattoo-Owner

Carlos, also know as Nitro, had been coming to Cabo for over 25 years. Regular trips with friends to hang out and party evolved in to a real love for the town and eventually he knew he wanted to call Cabo home.

Being born with an artistic ability it was not until when he was in his teens he witnessed a person getting a tattoo.  It was this impression, the expression of art “in the skin” caused what would come to be a life-long passion.

Before Baja Tattoo he had a tattoo shop inside the legendary Cabo Wabo with Jorge Viaña, one of the owners. He spoke to Sammy Hagar who liked the idea of having a shop in his club. They went on to have a very successful business together for almost two years. However, Carlos wanted to have his own place. Being in Cabo Wabo was great, but it was small, very loud and in Carlos’ opinion “not the right experience for my customers.” He wanted a safe, clean environment that focused on the best artists and kind service.

Baja Tattoo was officially opened in 1997 at Plaza de los Mariachis in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Forward 17 years and Carlos has earned many awards, has worldwide repetitive clients, international traveling artists frequent his studio and appointments are becoming hard to get.

What’s next? “It will be a challenge for me but I want to design and finish a whole body piece. That is what is missing from my portfolio.”

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